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Forest Restaurant Supply

Collateral Branding Design

2017 - Present

A collection of branding & marketing design that started in the summer of 2018 at my internship for Forest Restaurant Supply.

Forest Restaurant Supply markets itself as a one-stop-shop for restauranteurs, offering services including delivery (takeout boxes), a cash and carry store (equipment and furniture), as well as a design agency (menu design and marketing services).

This collection features environmental design, catalog design, marketing design, and overall branding design for the company.I was contracted in early 2019 to re-design a marketing kit for the company. The marketing kit included a re-design of the folder, brochure, and business cards, and a catalog for their list of new products in 2019.

As a part of the update to the sales kit at Forest Restaurant Supply, I was also in charge of updating the business cards. Previously, the cards were designed for each division and featured slightly different designs. However, this led to confusion for the customers, because they were not aware that all three divisions were a part of the same company.

This is the refreshed Marketing Folder and business cards for the company. It includes the newly designed company business card, brochure, monthly promotional flyer, and the "Why Us?" flyer. Previously, the company had three different business card designs and type settings for each division. It caused some confusion for the customers, so I designed one cohesive design for all three divisions.

During my internship in the summer of 2018, I was highly involved in promotional marketing design, including social media post design, e-flyer design, and banner design. However, my biggest project was to design the office signage that would be featured in the company headquarters. It would serve as an informational design for the customers. Below is a mock-up of the signage as it was originally designed.

Below features actual photographs of the design that was produced. It also includes some promotional material that I designed for the company along with some additional designs from the Marketing Team.

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