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Echo Park

Branding Design


A project that focused on the design of a logo for a local neighborhood.

In this project, the neighborhood of "Echo Park" in Los Angeles, CA, was chosen.

Echo Park is known for its famous park, Echo Park Lake, which had recently undergone a $45-million dollar renovation. The lake is most famous for its lotuses and is a historic landmark to the city.

Prior to beginning sketches, I spent some time researching other city park logos and looked for any commonalities that would signal the idea of a "park," "city," or "neighborhood." One of the characteristics of these types of logos is a generally analogous or monochromatic.

However, to create visual excitement, I had to design with shape that indicated the idea of "park" while thinking about visual stimulation through color.

These sketches were among the initial concepts for the logo.

Some of the digital renderings of the sketches.

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